Summer 2022

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India: Wagah Border Challenge, Thomas Edler
Hot Cape to Cold Cape Expedition, Sheelagh Antrobus
Pendine Sands Vintage Hot Rod Races, Lara Platman
Norway: A Sheer 1000-Metre Cliff, Tanja and Denis Katzer
Modern Explorers: Anton Poplett, Eric Gordon


The Feed, Editor's Column, Field Tested, Latitude: Croatia, Overland Medicine: RAEC Airway, Overland Chef: Cast-Iron Breakfast Skillet, Tail Lamp: Mega-Blossom

On the Cover

In Glavaš springs one of the three biggest rivers in Dalmatia, the Cetina. This “Blue Eye” is 115 m deep and a paradise for anglers and divers. Photo by Michael Decher