Spring 2022

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Northern Circumpolar Region, Sabine Rentsch and Stefan Christner
Java, the Gateway to Hell, Martina Zehentner and Leander Nardin
Living Legends: Kingsley Holgate, Christian Maria Huntgeburth
Romania and the Carpathian Mountains, Michael Brailey


The Feed, Editor's Column, Field Tested, Latitude: Namibia, Conservation: Snow Leopards, Overland Medicine: RAEC Critical Bleeding, The Collective: Afghanistan to Africa with Charley Boorman, Overland Chef: One-skillet Pepper Steak, Tail Lamp: Nerd on Skates

On the Cover

Namibia years later—Elmar crossing the old and the new bridge in the dry season. Photo by Elmar Schmitz-Hübsch