Gear 2022

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Loosing Her Heart to Africa: Lilli Mixich, Interview by Ashley Giordano
Breaking Gulliver’s Ropes: DefenderX Expedition, Michael Brailey
Morocco: The Road to the Sahara, Sam Watson
Outback Karma: A Tale of Two Tyres, Sherri Jo Wilkins
Modern Explorers: Chris Burkard, Jack Mac


The Feed, Editor's Column, Field Tested, Overland News, Latitude: Borneo, Overland Medicine: Remote Area Emergency Medicine (RAEM), The Collective: Ethical Overlanding, Overland Chef: Falafel Waffles, Tail Lamp: Devil's Nose Railroad

On the Cover

Namibia 2020—Charline can't wait to be back in Africa. Photo by Charline Ribotta