Autumn 2022

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Melanesia and the Mystery of the Solomon Island Blonds, Claudia von Seutter
Feature Vehicle: Extending a Defender 110 to 130, Sam Watson
Georgia: Breathtaking Landscapes and Dangerous Roads, Benyamin Senkal
Why Scandinavia Should be on Your Bucket List, Mathilde Vougny and Nicolas Chazée
Feature Vehicle: 1985 Borneo Ninety, Paolo Turinetti
Modern Explorers: Anton Poplett II, Eric Gordon


The Feed, Editor’s Column, Field Tested, Overland News, Latitude: Middle East, Skills: Okavango Solar Project, Overland Medicine: RAEC Breathing, Overland Chef: Gnocchi with Cherry Tomatoes and Caper Butter, Tail Lamp: Whale Watching on a Stormy Sea

On the Cover

The Kara people in southwestern Ethiopia still live isolated and largely untouched by modern life. Photo by Dietrich Binder