Autumn 2019

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The Long Way to the Airport: Touring Scenic and Deadly Roads in Peru, Emma Rogers
A Matter of Taste: Trekking Menus, Michael Brailey
The Edge of Gondwana: A Traverse of the Great Australian Bight, Scott Brady
Feature Vehicle: A2Aʼs Defender 130, Graeme Bell
The Russian Tea Party: Riding Moscow to Magadan, Heather Lea
A True Workhorse: The Evolution of Toyota Land Cruisers in Africa, John Gaisford
Double Challenge: Expecting on the Move, Anne-Silja Schmidt-Winkler


The Feed, Editor's Column, Field Tested, Overland News, Latitude, Giving Back: Magic Girl of the Pamirs, The Collective: Another Day, Another Border, Overland Conservation: Water for Life, Photography: Photographing People, Overland Chef: Tacos al Pastor, Classic Kit: The Acheulean Hand Axe, Tail Lamp: Expedition Earth

On the Cover

The southern edge of the Great Australian Bight felt like the edge of the world, and would make any “flat earther” feel vindicated. Photo: Scott Brady