Autumn 2019

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The Long Way to the Airport: Touring Scenic and Deadly Roads in Peru, Emma Rogers
A Matter of Taste: Trekking Menus, Michael Brailey
The Edge of Gondwana: A Traverse of the Great Australian Bight, Scott Brady
Feature Vehicle: A2Aʼs Defender 130, Graeme Bell
The Russian Tea Party: Riding Moscow to Magadan, Heather Lea
A True Workhorse: The Evolution of Toyota Land Cruisers in Africa, John Gaisford
Double Challenge: Expecting on the Move, Anne-Silja Schmidt-Winkler


The Feed, Editor's Column, Field Tested, Overland News, Latitude, Giving Back: Magic Girl of the Pamirs, The Collective: Another Day, Another Border, Overland Conservation: Water for Life, Photography: Photographing People, Overland Chef: Tacos al Pastor, Classic Kit: The Acheulean Hand Axe, Tail Lamp: Expedition Earth

On the Cover

The southern edge of the Great Australian Bight felt like the edge of the world, and would make any “flat earther” feel vindicated. Photo by Scott Brady